Photo Credit: Tinka Kalajzic

The objectives of operation Bring Back Hope are to raise awareness and advocate for Syrian refugees, raise funds to support their resettlement, and build a volunteer network that assists in the settlement of privately sponsored refugees in the Region of Waterloo.

News of Syria’s ongoing conflict and refugee influx continue to flood media outlets around the world. Repeatedly, the heartbreaking images are resonating with Canadians across the country. With over 500,000 dead and half the country’s population displaced, Syria has entered its sixth year of this bloody conflict with no end in sight.

Syria’s history of welcoming refugees

The country welcomed Egyptian refugees in 1830, Circassian refugees in 1860, Armenian refugees in 1914, Greek and European refugees in 1920, Palestinian refugees in 1948 and 1967, and Lebanese refugees in 1975. During and after the gulf wars, Syria became home to 2 million Iraqi refugees. In 2006, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese refugees sought safety in Syria. According to the UNHCR, at the beginning of 2011, Syria became the host of the highest number of refugees since WWII.


Those seeking refuge in Syria were not diverted to refugee camps, instead, they lived among Syrians, their children attended the same schools as Syrian children and, and were treated similarly to Syrians.


Now, more than ever, Syrians are in dire need of our assistance.
Syrians deserve better.