Photo Credit: Tinka Kalajzic

Operation Bring back Hope will work on raising awareness and doing advocacy, fundraising and building a volunteer network that will help settle privately sponsored refugees.

Syria’s refugee influx has recently flooded media outlets around the world. The heartbreaking images have resonated with Canadians across the country. However, it is important to acknowledge the reality of the Syrian crisis that has been taking place for the past five year, not only the recent few months.

Syria’s history of welcoming refugees

The country welcomed Egyptian refugees in 1830, Caucasian refugees in 1860, Armenian refugees in 1914, Greek refugees in 1920 Palestinian refugees 1948 and 1967 and Lebanese refugees in 1975. Most recently, Syria became home to 2 million Iraqi refugees and in 2006, a quarter of the Lebanese population seeked refuge in Syria. According to the UNCHR, by the year 2011, Syria became the host of the highest number of refugees since WWII.


Refugees in Syria never lived in a camp. Rather they lived among Syrians, attended the same schools as Syrian children and, in general, were treated like Syrians.


Now Syrians are in a dire need of our help and Syrians deserve better.