Our Mission

Bring Back Hope is a local coalition created to help privately-sponsored Syrian refugees, mobilize the community, coordinate available resources, and provide support to existing organizations.

Our Goals

  • Advocacy and raising awareness of the current Syrian situation
  • Sponsoring Syrian refugees in the following priorities:
    • Help local Syrians sponsor family members living in refugee camps
    • Prioritize single parents with children, young unattached youth and urgent cases
    • Selections will be based upon needs not ethnic or religious basis
  • Raising awareness of the barriers faced by sponsors
  • Helping the community in creating groups of 5 and provide full support to these groups
  • Fundraising
  • Matching groups of 5 with the refugees who need to be resettled
  • Supporting all organizations sponsoring refugees in Waterloo Region:
    • Reception House:
      Bring Back Hope will provide the network and the community resources to assist in Syrian refugee settlement
    • Agreement holders:
      Bring Back Hope Will act as a constituency group and will coordinate public outreach through information sessions that will focus on both the situation in Syria and the process of sponsoring refugees. IT will also assist in locating and channeling funds to these organizations when there is need
    • Local Syrian families:
      Bring Back Hope Will help Syrians in sponsoring relatives living in refugee camps through “groups of 5” sponsorship